We help robotics companies scale.

Green Robot Arm

Custom Software and Consulting for Robotics Integrators & Autonomous Robotics

With over 20 years of robotics experience, Go West Robotics provides robotics integrators and autonomous robotics companies with the proper code, infrastructure, and advice to deliver better products on time.

Green Robot Arm

Robotics Integrator Services

We help industrial and logistics automation integrators grow their businesses with technology consulting and custom software development services.

Leading-edge robotics expertise

We bring our experience to your projects with technology advisory, systems design, and software development services.

Client-focused project management

You won't have to babysit us.
We blend in with your team and provide high-caliber project management with a focus on on-time delivery.

Autonomous Robotics Services

Neato Robot

We help autonomous robotics companies scale from prototype to production-ready.

We write code, optimize testing and simulation, implement CI/CD, and just about anything else software-related that you need to help your development teams be more productive. We have experience in every technology from Pascal to Python and from Linux to Kubernetes.

We provide our own project management and integrate seamlessly with your current processes, so you can spend more time doing your job and less time managing us.


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