WiFi Analyst

Go West Robotics is seeking an experienced network analyst to perform packet level wifi analysis. The candidate must have experience with wireless communications from the hardware level up to application layer protocols.


  • Technical knowledge of multiple operating systems, primarily linux both desktop and embedded (ubuntu, raspbian, kali). Some Windows and Mac familiarity preferred. In-depth knowledge of protocols; WPA, TLS, SSL, DNS, DHCP, NTP, HTTP

  • In-depth knowledge of and working experience with wifi tools:
      wpa supplicant, hostapd, tcpdump, wireshark, nmap, ssh, ftp, telnet, netcat

  • Fundamental understanding of encryption, auth and hashes: RSA, SSL Certs, RC4, SHA

  • Solid understanding of (non blocking) socket I/O for both TCP and UDP

  • Ability to write simple socket programs in C, Go or Python

  • Experience with basic scripting languages such as Python, Go, Bash to parse and filter large amounts of data, producing easy to digest tables and metrics.

  • Basic understanding of statistics; normal distribution, mean, median, variance, standard deviation

  • Familiar with penetration test techniques (Backdoors, Buffer overflow, Zero-day vulnerabilities, XSS, SQL Injection, DNS Spoofing, MitM, Phishing, Social Engineering, etc.)

  • Proficient at delivering detailed and summarized reports describing test scope, methodology, limitations, (performance) issues and potential vulnerabilities

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; meticulous note taking and able to summarize a day’s work in a 10 minute verbal update.

  • Ability to work autonomously without getting stuck

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