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Saving Money with Better Testing
How Robotic Integrators Can Save Money With Better Testing

Building a comprehensive test suite will allow you to spend less time on releasing hardware, testing cells, and on-site support, which frees up your team to focus on what matters.

Go West Robotics on The Robot Industry Podcast with Jim Beretta

The Go West Robotics leadership team dropped in on The Robot Industry Podcast to discuss how we help integrators scale.

Data on a chalkboard
How Robotic Integrators Can Increase ROI Using A Data Centralization Strategy

With a scalable centralized data strategy, the opportunities for integrators to create incremental revenue and update system features are almost limitless.

Lessons from Baxter: Intelligent Innovation for Automation Software

Not all innovations are created equal. Here's what one of Baxter's original engineers learned from his experience.

Industrial PCs Aren't Always a Better Choice
We don't hate PLCs. Really.

We swear we don’t hate PLCs - we just think they are used too often.

Robot Data in the Cloud
Why You Should Be Analyzing Robot Data in the Cloud

Modern robots are no longer confined by their in-built resources. Want to know how do you integrate your present robotics services in the cloud? Read on to learn more.

PLC vs Industrial PC Comparison
Why you should replace traditional PLCs with Open Source Industrial PCs

Moving functionality from a traditional PLC to an Open Source Industrial PC can significantly decrease implementation time and direct purchase costs.

Connect Your Test Bench to the Cloud
Creating A Cloud-Integrated Test Bench For Better Integration Testing Before Going Live

Given the nature of robotic systems, a simple bug can be a major safety hazard - a self-driving vehicle or a 3-ton robot arm can cause serious damage and bodily harm. Proper testing identifies bugs before they make it to production.

Manufacturing with the cloud
Manufacturers are Ready to Make a Major Move to the Cloud

COVID has caused many manufacturers to re-think how they can improve their operations with remote monitoring and management. In fact, a recent survey of manufacturing COOs revealed that 59% of those surveyed reported that moving to the cloud was a priority for their company over the next six months.

CI/CD Process
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for Robots

An integration and delivery framework that takes full advantage of cloud computing can decrease production issues, operating costs, and development time.

The Right Software for Your Robotics Project
Robotic Software Overload: Choosing the Right Software Can Make or Break a Company

Every robotics project is different, and as the industry is continuously evolving, making the right decision isn’t always easy.

Push the Limits of Industry 4.0 Without Disruption
Cut Through the Hype - Push the Limits of Industry 4.0 Without the Risk of Disruption

How can robotics integrators and manufacturers truly take advantage of industry 4.0?

Custom HMI
Strengthen your Robotics Brand with Custom HMIs

The role of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) is changing from basic data gathering, to smart, edge-located data analyzer and ML processor. The vast amount of data taken from PLCs, specialized controllers and data collection systems needs to be analyzed and optimized for prediction models. These interfaces not only provide insight into manufacturing operations, but provide an opportunity for robotics integrators to grow their brand and level up their software and service offerings.

Herding Cats in Robotics
The Client Experience with Go West Robotics

The success of your project takes more than just engineering talent. It takes effective project management to keep everyone on track and moving forward.


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