Case Studies: Robotic Systems Integrators

man looking at complex chalkboard
Managing Complexity in Automation with Custom Robotics Software Design

Go West takes knowledge from multiple robotics disciplines to provide best practices in software design for a 62 robot manufacturing facility.

Detecting Defects
Computer Vision Aided Defect Detection & Quality Control

Defect detection translates to better accuracy, higher quality and faster production for the manufacturing process.

Custom HMI screen on industrial robot
Custom Branded SCADA (HMI & OEE)

Industry 4.0 technology makes it more accessible and cost efficient to build custom solutions. Go West Robotics designed and implemented a lightweight, cloud-based OEE application using an edge device.

Case Studies: Autonomous Robotics

Bossanova Robotics Testing Parallelization Improvements
Parallel Testing Speeds Continuous Integration, Continuous Development

Parallel Testing cuts build time, prevents regression and improves developer morale.

Bossanova Robotics Robotic Simulation Benefits
Expanded Simulation Improves Robot Quality

Go West expands simulation for an autonomous retail robot through real-world investigation and algorithm assessment.

Neato Robotics and Testing Improvements
Understanding Robot Behavior with Log Parsing

An application for parsing and organizing robotic log files finds issues before customers do.


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