Finding Focus in Robotics Development

Photo Credit: Joey Kyber

Photo Credit: Joey Kyber

By Tuong Anh Ens, co-founder and CEO at Go West Robotics

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I visited many robotics companies. Our clients and potential customers are in various stages of robot development; prototyping, getting ready for manufacturing or managing robots in production. With each visit we discuss the guts of robot design and testing; navigation systems, object detection, speed, accuracy, cycle time. With robotics testing, the list of issues and unknowns can be overwhelming. Even the most talented development teams find it challenging. For us, it’s a chance to roll up our sleeves and really dig into untangling problems and providing the necessary focus.

Focus is elusive. We have seen it time and time again in robotics development, deadlines are crushing and resources limited. This quickly leads to setbacks, firmware regressions, technical debt and broken robots. We design test infrastructure so that development teams have clarity. When design decisions are informed and validated by solid, aggregated test results, there is a lift in confidence and morale. As testing infrastructure matures, truly creative solutions come into play. The most pressing issues are resolved.

And that’s the magic, when development teams are able to focus, the ground shifts. Robust, solidly engineered robots are invented. It speaks directly to the heart of everyone invested. It certainly speaks to us at Go West Robotics and it’s the reason why we exist. Our company is built on these experiences, on the premise that our know-how and execution will help deliver the next generation of groundbreaking robots.